Kwality UHT Milk: Fortified with vitamin A & D

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Kwality UHT MILK

A glass of milk, fortified with vitamin A & D

Kwality UHT-Milk is prepared by treating the milk at a very high temperature. The increased temperature at which UHT Milk is treated results in a greater reduction in bacteria and heat-resistant enzymes giving it an extended shelf life however, nutritious value of the milk remains constant during the procedure.

It is fortified with vitamin A & D to add on the nutritious value of milk. So basically, a glass of KWALITY UHT-Milk gives you more nutrients than your regular milk!

It comes with a shelf life of 180 days under recommended conditions. It is available in 1litre(toned) and 200ml (double toned) packaging.

Frequently Asking Question’s

?Is UHT milk bad for you?

UHT, short for ultra-high treatment, is produced by heating milk up to extremely high temperatures to kill all the bacteria and harmful elements found in untreated milk. Since it does not have bacteria and other microorganisms, it is perfectly safe to consume. In fact, it is better than regular milk, plus it has all the nutrients of milk.

?What is the difference between UHT milk and fresh milk?

The only difference between UHT milk and fresh milk is that the former gets treated at high temperatures while the latter is heated up to temperatures not more than 130 degrees Celsius. Plus, the former doesn’t have harmful bacteria and other unhealthy elements, while the latter has them. The special treatment followed in the production of UHT milk also increases its life, making it last longer than 6 months.

?What does UHT milk mean?

UHT milk means ultra-high treatment milk. This milk is treated at more than 135 degrees to rid of all the harmful elements, including bacteria, from it. It is healthier than fresh milk and does not lose its nutritional value during the treatment. Plus, it has a shelf life of months and comes in special packaging.

?Does UHT milk taste different?

UHT milk tastes no different from regular milk; however, it depends on the individual's taste sensitivity. Most people like the taste of UHT milk and keep a few packs in their refrigerator.

?Can we drink UHT milk without boiling?

Yes, because it comes pre-treated. You don’t need to boil it and can consume it directly from the pack. Kwality UHT milk is considered the best UHT milk available on the market today.

?Is UHT milk easier to digest?

Yes, it is easier to digest, just like regular milk. However, its digestibility depends on the individual’s digestive system. Unadulterated UHT milk, such as the one sold by Dairy Best, is processed easily by the body.

?Why does UHT milk last longer?

UHT milk lasts longer because it doesn’t contain harmful bacteria, all thanks to its high-temperature treatment. It can sit in your refrigerator for months without showing a sign of spoilage.

?What is the difference between UHT and Pasteurised milk?

For Pasteurized milk, raw milk is heated up to 161 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds and then rapidly cooled down to 39 degrees. For UHT, raw milk is heated to more than 280 degrees Fahrenheit for just 2 seconds and is then rapidly cooled down to 39 degrees. Both methods give milk that is 99.9% free of bacteria.

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