Fresh Cream for a creamy, glossy and smooth texture.

Making your dishes tasty & healthy!

Fresh Cream

For a creamy, glossy & smooth texture

Kwality Fresh cream is prepared by processing & sterilizing milk at a certain high temperature and then packed in a tetra pack to ensure it remains fresh for a longer period of time. It is a versatile ingredient and it suits both sweet & savoury dishes. So, whether you are going to prepare Fruit cream this weekend or you are making hot cocoa in a chilly winter night, Kwality Fresh Cream will surely add a great taste to your recipe.

It also goes well with your soup, Chaap, DaalMakhani and adds a luxurious taste and texture to these dishes. So, if your mood is calling for cooking and baking, just go for it!

Frequently Asking Question’s

? What is meant by fresh cream?

Fresh cream is a dairy product extracted purely from milk. Milk is processed and sterilized at high temperatures to make the cream. This cream is then packaged and commercially sold, helping households add flavour to their soups, curries, fruit desserts, and other dishes.

? Is Fresh Cream healthy?

Since fresh cream is made from milk, it offers the same nutritional benefits as milk or any other dairy product. Daily consumption of Kwality fresh cream can help you gain weight, strengthen your immune system, boost bone density, and improve overall health.

?Is fresh cream and whipping cream the same?

Although both fresh cream and whipping cream are identical in appearance, they are not the same. The former is used to add flavor, texture, and taste to several dishes, and the latter is thicker and used for decoration on cakes, tarts, waffles, and others. Both creams also differ in fat content, with fresh cream having less fat content than the other.

?Is Fresh Cream good for the skin?

Yes, you can use fresh cream as a moisturizer in winters and apply it to your skin to make it more supple, smoother, and healthier.

?How do you store fresh cream?

You can store fresh cream in your refrigerator, just like you keep milk. Unlike milk, fresh cream has a longer shelf life.

? Is cream in coffee bad for you?

No. In fact, the cream can be a great addition to your coffee and tea, making your beverage thick, tasty, and healthy. Try adding Kwality fresh cream to your morning coffee and see how it changes its colour, taste, and texture.

?Can u freeze fresh cream?

Yes, you can freeze fresh cream by putting it in the freezer. In fact, freezing it can extend its lifespan.

?How many days can we store fresh cream?

while packaged fresh cream may have a shelf life of months, you can expect your cream to stay fresh and healthy for a week or two once it is opened.

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